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Virtual Learning & Programmatic Resources

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While our six Boys & Girls Club locations are closed as we prepare for our 2020 School-Year Program, we are thrilled to offer virtual learning and programmatic resources for our Club members that will help keep them engaged in exciting, educational activities and on track to achieve their full potential. During the month of August, our team of dedicated youth development professionals is designing activities for youth to enjoy from the safety of their own homes. The activities are available below and target key program areas including Education, Art, Health & Wellness/Social Emotional Wellness, Leadership & Service and Sports & Recreation.
As we continue to update the information below, we encourage you to bookmark this page to easily access these daily resources. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for even more virtual learning and programmatic resources!


Ms. Vanita and Ms. Tanisha from our Newtown Estates Park Boys & Girls Club share some great tips to help Club members get Back2School ready. Be sure you have the supplies you need to be successful in the classroom this upcoming school year!

Suggested items include:

  1. Different Colored Notebooks
  2.  Printable Calendars
  3. Markers, Colored Pencils or Crayons
  4. Ruler
  5. Blank Paper
  6. Agenda Book


Follow Ms. Venesha's instructions to create your very own Ring Toss game to play with your family and friends!

The supplies you need are:

  1. Paper Plates
  2. Colored Pencils, Crayons, Paint or Markers
  3. Tape or Glue
  4. Cardboard Paper Towel Roll
  5. Scissors

Looking for a new, inexpensive way to help your Club kid express his/her creativity? Ms. Kathy from our Robert and Joan Lee Boys & Girls Club in Venice has a great recommendation - Fusion Beads! Fusion Beads can be purchased at your local craft store. The kits have everything you need besides an iron and tweezers! Be sure to help your child stay safe during this project by taking the lead on the ironing part! This project is a wonderful way to flex creative muscles and sharpen fine motor skills!

Popsicle Monsters
One of our beloved volunteers, Lisa, came up with a fun, creative way for children to recycle their Popsicle sticks... Popsicle Monsters! Click here to learn how to make your own Popsicle Monster!

Health & Wellness/Social Emotional Wellness

Ms. Sofia from our Louis and Gloria Flanzer Boys & Girls Club is leading a "Body Labeling" activity that encourages youth to think about how different emotions feel throughout their bodies. This activity is a great way to help Club members understand how their emotions are connected to their bodies.

The supplies you need are:

  1. Paper or Poster
  2. Markers

After the activity, ask your Club member:

  1. Why is it important to know how the different emotions make their bodies feel?
  2. What can you do if you feel your body experiencing a strong emotion?

Learn about the power of positivity through daily affirmations with Ms. Venesha from our Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club! In this video, she'll teach you how to make an affirmation board, and explain the importance of reading these reminders each day.

The supplies you need are:

  1. Construction Paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Crayons or Markers
  4. White Paper
  5. Glue or Tape
  6. Poster Board

Youth development professionals from our Newtown Estates Park Boys & Girls Club teach youth how to stay healthy and active! Don't forget to stretch and drink plenty of water!

Ms. Venesha introduces you to Mr. Jalyn who will encourage you to stay active by learning some amazing new basketball dribbling techniques! After you practice, rehydrate with water and grab a healthy snack! Tell us your favorite way to work out in the comments below!

Everyone who knows Mr. Chris from our Gene Matthews Boys & Girls Club knows that he is a positive leader who is always willing to lend a hand and support! In this video, he's sharing some of the social and emotional life lessons that has helped him grow into his full potential.

Leadership & Service

Join Mr. Chris in the garden at the Gene Matthews Boys & Girls Club to learn how gardening can help Club members develop critical leadership skills!
The supplies you need are:

  1. Shovel
  2. Rack
  3. Bag of Potting Soil
  4. Gloves
  5. Vegetable Seeds or Vegetable Plants
  6. Water

An important skill that renowned leaders have is the ability to express their gratitude for those who go above and beyond to ensure all individuals are safe and empowered to achieve their full potential! Ms. Venesha from our Lee Wetherington Boys & Girls Club invites youth to practice this leadership skill by writing thank-you notes to members in our military.

The supplies you need are:

  1. White Paper or Card Stock
  2. Markers or Crayons
  3. A Pen
  4. A US Postal Stamp
  5. A Manila Envelope

When you've completed the activity, ask a family member this question: What does it mean to be a leader to you? Please share those answers below in this video's comment section!

Sports & Recreation

Ms. Reva and Ms. Mariah from our Roy McBean Boys & Girls Club encourage Club members to be active with the Dice Game! This is a fun activity for the whole family to stay motivated and healthy. Don't forget to drink water!

The supplies you need are:

  1. Dice
  2. Hula Hoop
  3. Water Bottle

Mr. Mike from our Robert and Joan Lee Boys & Girls Club is challenging Club members to a new, interactive game called Timber! This is an exciting spin on Ping Pong that can be altered based upon the items available to you inside of your house!

To play, you'll need:

  1. A Ping Pong ball
  2. A table or flat surface
  3. A divider such as a net, rope, tape, etc.
  4. Cups
  5. Targets such as Jenga pieces, Dominoes, blocks, etc.

What happens if you mix golf with basketball? Paperball! Join Mr. Travis from our Gene Matthews Boys & Girls Club and learn how to play! All you need is a bucket and a piece of paper crumbled into a ball. Good luck!

Together, we can ensure GREAT FUTURES START HERE.

We are working tirelessly to shift our operations to meet the greatest needs of our Club members and their families during this unprecedented time. We need your help to ensure we can continue to meet their critical needs while supporting our heightened efforts and expenses such as food distribution, cleaning supplies, and wages for staff who are designing virtual programming opportunities for youth, packing meals for families and actively communicating with families each day to ensure they are aware of resources in our community. We will continue to adjust our plans as this situation evolves. We are so grateful to have your support and trust in knowing we will designate your gift to where it is needed the most to serve those who need us the most.

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