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Club Members Advance Their Creativity At Ringling's Summer Art Program

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This summer, several members from our Matthews, McBean and Wetherington Clubs had the chance to participate in Ringling’s Summer Art programs.

There, they had the opportunity to explore traditional and digital approaches to art and design to develop their style and critical thinking skills. With many unique options perfect for beginning artists, and those interested in expanding their practice, students age 11 and up found inspiration, outstanding instruction, and interdisciplinary opportunities to explore and advance their creativity.

Here are some quotes from our members:

“Thank you so much for letting us come to Ringling for the week that we did. I had a lot of fun and feel like I took away some good lessons. I wish we could have attended longer than we did. I hope other teens will be able to experience this in the future.” Samantha

“Thank you for giving us teens a chance to participate in the art program. If I can say I’ve taken away anything from this program, it’s my ability to draw faces way better than I was. I always had a hard time drawing people’s noses, but I am now able to say that I’ve come a long way in the week we were there. So thank you for that! I really enjoyed it and appreciate the time that was set aside for us.” Kayla

“I had a lot of fun, and I’m grateful that I was granted this opportunity. I learned how to use professional art materials which I used to draw faces, figures, cars, etc. Without this program, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of these things! Thank you for allowing us to grow as artists.” Brandon

“Thank you for the great art opportunity! I enjoyed it a lot and feel that I truly benefited from the classes. I definitely learned to better sketch by using the techniques that were taught, which I feel has made me a bit better of an artist. Thank you, again!” Brittany

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