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Two Young Artists Receive National Art Winners in Fine Arts

While it is not rare to find pure, undeniable talent within the halls of BGCSDC, we are constantly in awe of our kiddos’ achievements and delighted to celebrate them. Most recently, two talented young artists were named National Art Winners in Fine Arts and presented awards. We could not be prouder.

The young geniuses are 11-year-old Cadence P, a 5th grader at Venice Elementary and a member of the Robert and Joan Lee Club; and 11-year-old Krystal N, a 6th grader at Sarasota Military Academy Prep and a member of the Lee Wetherington Club.

We feel fortunate to be a part of their artistic journey and proud to provide a safe place for them and other kids to explore their talents and passions. We are confident that this is just one of many awards to come for these two and cannot wait to see what they do next!

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