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Are You An Alumnus? Join The Club Once More!

Are you one of the millions of members who benefited from a Boys & Girls Club - or when we were the just the Boys Club - in your hometown? If so, we want you to join our Club once more!

Local Alumni Program

As someone who went through our programs and now as an adult, you can offer our members your unique perspective, advice and life lessons they can learn from.  As a volunteer and mentor once helped you, in return, you can participate in our Club by:

Participating in our educational programs to assist with homework
Creating a new physical activity or class we don't offer
Helping our team during an event
Inviting your friends to a tour of our Club
Helping us raise money to support our kids

There are plenty of opportunities to get re-involved with our Club. Please contact Mike Doyle ( to learn more.

National Alumni Program 

Join the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni and Friends Club today. Click JOIN to start your annual membership. - no longer available

Complimentary Membership includes:

12 month free Alumni Club Membership
Reconnections with organization and childhood friends
Ability to make a difference in the lives of children and families in need
Virtual membership card (online delivery)
Club online newsletter (sent three times a year)
Access to our Community Hub where you can reconnect with friends, share memories and get involved
Option to join the upgraded Perks Membership
Special benefit offerings exclusive to Club members as available
Invitations to events, plus special seating when possible
Club Annual Report

Renewal of Basic Membership will be $25 annually.

Perks Membership includes:

Perks Membership will be $50 annually
Access to the Perks & Discount Program, offering up to $4,500 in discounts to Perks Members for tires, movie tickets, pizza and MORE annually (learn more)
Laminated membership card

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